Apply for Pilot Funding

If you have a specific proposal in mind and can describe a tentative pilot study design, please submit your proposal. You will be asked about details of your hypothesis including potential design of the study, clinical measures, and strengths and limitations of the study.

Proposal Review

The CTN Study Review Committee includes the core CTN members, clinical research experts, and academic and community clinicians. The Study Review Committee has at least 5 members who serve on an annual basis.

Important Dates for 2023

January 15: Pilot study award applications open on the website

April 15: The deadline for proposals

CTN Tick-borne Disease Pilot Treatment Study Award

We are happy to announce that the Clinical Trials Network established with a grant from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation to Columbia University announces the third round of Pilot Study Proposal submissions (January 15 to April 15, 2023).

The Clinical Trials Network welcomes clinicians, researchers, and investigators from academic institutions to submit proposals. The proposals are typically 1-3 pages in length, but longer proposals are accepted for review. The CTN’s goal is to support the conduct of small-scale human treatment studies related to treatment of Lyme and other tick-related diseases. These small pilot studies are conducted to determine whether future larger investigations are warranted. Pilot studies often assess safety and feasibility, are exploratory in nature, and are not meant to answer the same questions as larger randomized control trials.

The CTN Study Review Committee will review submissions for consideration for further development into a pilot study; each pilot study will be conducted at one of the CTN investigation sites. The CTN has funding to support 1-2 small pilot studies each year.

Current CTN network affiliates include investigators from Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore Maryland, and Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. The CTN Study Review Committee includes the core CTN members, clinical research experts, and academic and community clinicians. Results of the CTN pilot studies – if favorable – will lead to consideration for larger Randomized Controlled Trials.

The deadline for the third round of submissions for treatment research ideas from the research scientists and clinicians is April 15, 2023. The submission period opens January 15, 2023.

We thank all clinicians and investigators in advance for participation in this process, as your proposal may lead to a transformative study.

To submit a Pilot Study Proposal: