Pilot Study Evaluation Criteria

The peer review by the Study Review Committee is based on five criteria:

Significance: Does the project address an important issue?

Innovation: Does the project challenge current research or clinical practices?

Approach: Are the methods and strategy appropriate to accomplish project goals?

Feasibility: Is it possible to conduct this study in a timely manner (e.g., 1-1.5 years)?

Overall Impact: Likelihood of project transforming into a larger randomized control trial and making an important contribution to the field

Pilot Study Proposals

Research scientists, clinicians, and other investigators can submit a Pilot Study proposal to the Lyme Clinical Trials Network.

To submit a Pilot Study Proposal:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Log in to the secure portion of the Lyme CTN web site
  3. Create a new application, and complete the online application form
  4. Submit the final form

Your research concept and design will be reviewed by the CTN Study Review committee. After the review is completed, each submitter of a proposal will be contacted with an update regarding whether the submitted pilot study concept has been chosen for further development by the CTN into a possible pilot study.